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Astonishing PHP Training at DrupalCon Portland

Php Training

Authored by Andrew Elster

Do you like fun? Do you want to learn to code? Get both! Astonish Design is offering PHP for NonProgrammers, a full-day training during DrupalCon Portland. Spaces are limited and until March 29th, you can purchase a seat at the Early Bird price!

You Are Already a Programmer

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You are a programmer. All of your life, you’ve made decisions like, “If I can’t stay awake during this staff meeting, I’ll have a third cup of coffee and a diet coke, or I’ll write tweets to entertain myself.” Every time you’ve thought “If…this, else that …” you’ve become more of a programmer. Every time you’ve labeled a plastic container “Christmas Stuff” and put your leftover tinsel and keepsake ornaments inside of it, you’ve become more of a programmer. < ?php $variables == “containers for your stuff”; ?>

What You Will Learn

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PHP for Nonprogrammers will teach you a language (PHP) that you can use to convert your daily decision-making process into an exciting and useful skill. PHP is the language of Drupal. You will write PHP code, take it home, and continue practicing your new skill: bending the internet to your will. If you already know CSS/HTML (and maybe a smidgeon of PHP), this training will extend your ability to theme a CMS like Drupal. If you have no formal coding experience, this training will demonstrate to you that the world of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Drupal developers is not beyond your reach. Once you complete this course, you will be ready to study module development and dive more deeply into the wonderful world of geek power. To make sure you have all the skills you need, you will also learn important geek facts like which Star Trek captain is best (there are two right answers, and one very wrong answer). We will practice quoting The Matrix and The Princess Bride. Find out more about this course ...

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