DrupalCon Austin: Open for Session Proposals

By Tim Hamilton - Feb. 13, 2014 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

As you know, DrupalCon is just a few short months away and this year we're proud to be hosting it in sunny Austin, Texas. It's session proposal time and this year we are helping to

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Six Signs You Need Drupal

By Tim Hamilton - Jul. 26, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

Drupal’s power and flexibility as a content management system make it a great tool for web development. But it’s not the only tool out there for building dynamic websites. How do you know if Drupal is the right tool for the job? In order to answer the question, we’ll explore six signs that Drupal is likely a good fit.

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Video: Drupal as a Data Purveyor

By Astonish Design - Apr. 7, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal


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What Big Data Means To Us

By Astonish Design - Apr. 4, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

Authored by Brian Boyko

You ever get the feeling that people are using the same words and talking about completely different things?

For example, when I talk to my dad about Cloud Computing, he often asks “But what happens if it rains?"

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Astonishing PHP Training at DrupalCon Portland

By Andrew Elster - Mar. 29, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

Do you like fun? Do you want to learn to code? Get both! Astonish Design is offering PHP for NonProgrammers, a full-day training during DrupalCon Portland. Spaces are limited and until March 29th, you can purchase a seat at the Early Bird price!

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Dynamic image loading in a responsive slideshow

By Nick Comito - Mar. 20, 2013 In: Mobile, Drupal Planet, Drupal

Dynamically loading content, that is, serving different content for different purposes is one of the most difficult aspects of web design that I've encountered. Our internal website redesign included a billboard section with an image that spanned the entire width of the screen. Accomplishing this in

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Power Theming

By James Moughon - Feb. 25, 2013 In: Mobile, Drupal Planet, Drupal

During my first week at Astonish Design, I was fortunate enough to attend an Austin Drupal Users Group meetup where Ian Carrico spoke about Power Themeing. Power Themeing, as Ian coined it, can be used by anyone who does theme work and writes CSS

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Writing Efficient Queries in Drupal

By Astonish Design - Feb. 14, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

Authored by Steve Williams

Are your Drupal views slow? Do your clients forget what they are searching for? Have your clients stopped using a feature, dashboard, or report because of performance? After reading this post you will learn how to convert your slow queries into efficient queries and dramatically improving render time while satisfying your clients.

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Drupal Database API Extended with Statements

By Astonish Design - Jan. 3, 2013 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

Authored by Steve Williams

In a previous post we discovered how to write a database query using Drupal’s Next Generation DB API (DBTNG). We also learned how to extend the query with a TableSort before executing. After executing our query we mapped the return to Drupal’s theme layer and echoed a

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Drush Aliases: What, Why and How

By Sam Heuck - Nov. 16, 2012 In: Drupal Planet, Drupal

They are called drush aliases, and they are your friends. You know, like how your Swiss army knife is your best pal, or how your bash profile takes you out for drinks on Friday night. Well, maybe it just allows you to drink that Friday evening beer a little sooner than you otherwise would have, because you aren't sitting there typing the world's longest terminal

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